"A brilliant performer, a sensitive, innovative and intelligent choreographer, Indira Kadambi has carved a niche for herself as one of the excellent exponents of Bharatanatyam today."

VARSHA RITHU - The Monsoon "Song and tears of welcome herald the coming of the rains. Revel in this moment of madness, when love seeks love and life knows no death, and the music of the monsoon, the dance of the rain overwhelm our hearts and the spread of our land and leave us trembling in the hazy highlands of desire and fulfillment, of hope and fear, of promise and neglect, that unrecognized moment that cannot distinguish between the first and the last breath!

THE DIVINE FLUTE – Vamshi “A unique and innovative theme, Traditional yet contemporary”. This is a magical interlude of the Bamboo Flute, Bharatanatyam and English Poetry. Describing the various aspects of the flute, the poetry originally written for this production by Shreekumar Varma, is well interspersed, giving a beautiful flow to the narration, blending the form and content in an aesthetic manner.

HASYA - An highly acclaimed unconventional dance- theatre production depicting the rarely shown aspect –Humour that helps us to find our lost spirit; That lightens, enlightens and blesses; That also teases and informs, pleases and reforms. With excellent script, this production provokes non-stop mirth!

PURUSHA PARINAAM - A unique production, which explores the concept of Man through time - past, present and future. The production looks at his dominance in the past, his conflict in the present and possibility of relative balance and equality in the future. The various aspects of our lives, the historical links and their relational understanding are explored through in a traditional format.

SADASHIVA DARISANAM - A soulful presentation that portrays the glorious vision of the Lord Shiva, the All-encompassing, and the All-powerful Destroyer and Sustainer of the Universe. The dancer depicts the Supreme Being through the eyes of various souls who have been touched by the form and concept of Shiva. There is the dancer, the devotee, the Nayika or the lover as well as the non-believer.

ASHTA NAAYAKIYARIN ISHTA MURUGAN - A unique production on Lord Muruga that highlights the eight emotional states of a heroine in love. Sringara Rasa, the emotion of ove, is not merely the erotic element. It is also the love of a human for the Eternal one. It shows the soul’s anguish of being separated from Him, the soul’s search for Him, and soul’s anguish to be reunited with Him.

MANOMAANEEYAM – A Tamil epic written by the poet Sundaram Pillai in 1892.This work is based on the legend-The Secret Way, written by The Rt.Hon.Lord Lytton. Love energy can be telepathic and very interestingly souls can connect with each other without physical proximity. This epic brings out interesting interpretations of Love, Penance, Sacrifice and Ethics. Indira and Praveenkumar choreographed this challenging production for the first time ever in the dance drama format.

JUGALBANDHI - A memorable programme with Mohiniattam artist Smitha Rajan. Both dancers dancing two different dance forms that are amazingly distinctive create space for each other, maintaining both their integrity and individuality and blend the different styles with superb synchronization.

'KAVYA-CHITRA-GEETA-NRITYA' - A very unique programme of on the spot creations by the poet, painter, musician and dancer in response to the audience spontaneous requests.

  • Basics and Master Classes in the technical aspects of Bharatanatyam
  • Master classes in Abhinaya (art of expression)
  • Basic and Master Classses in Nattuvangam (the art of wielding cymbals)
  • Master classes in Hasta Viniyoga
  • Vaachika Abhinaya in Bharathi Vritti - A Lec-dem based on Natyasastra –Bangalore - 1996
  • Dance-in-Depth series - A Lec-dem on Abhinaya in Bharatanatyam –Los Angeles -1998
  • A Lec-dem on Ashtanayika (eight kinds of heroines described in Natya Shastra) – Philadelphia-2003
  • Extensions to Tradition - A Lec-dem on extending the tradition exploring new concepts, looking into existing traditional repertoire in a creative way and collaborating with artists from different fields – Chennai - 2005
  • A Lec-dem on Hasya Rasa (Humor) - The School, KFI -2003
  • 2002 - Senior Dancer Award - Natyarangam, Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai
  • 1996 - Natya Shanthala – Aryabhatta Cultural Association - Bangalore
  • 1993 – Best Dancer Award - South Central Zone Cultural Centre, Government of India
  • 1984 – 1989 - Has won several prizes at state and national level intercollegiate dance competitions.