eAmbalam with its premium product Kalpavriksha Online College of arts, being the world's first online college of Indian classical performing arts with Yoga imparts training under stalwart faculty starting with its founder Indira Kadambi.

Indira takes online classes for students of Kalpavriksha who have enrolled into different divisions like, Certificate courses, Diploma courses, Grade system(Kids), Grade system (adults) and One to One Virtual Classes – Bharathanatyam.

To learn from Indira enroll at www.eambalam.com/kalpavriksha.

Testimonials – Dance
The content of the course is superb. Especially that of Basic Theories of Bharathanatyam. The design and structure of the course is good. The Basic theories self study portion is sufficient. The video and audio downloads are helpful. The course methodology is really well structured. I am able to understand the scope and extent of the course well. About my learning online from Kalpavriksha, it is very convenient and absolutely helpful for me especially, since I live in Dubai. Every time I want to learn something travelling to Chennai doesn't work practically. So having an online college so well structured and in a very convenient manner really does a great favor and helps me stay in touch with what I love doing.I also love doing assignments. They are very challenging and give me the motivation to not lay back on work. Since my classes are scheduled on Wednesday, by Sunday I get this push if my work isn't completed.I am a fan of the Meet Your Teacher Sessions, especially for the Master classes in Abhinaya and One to One in Nattuvangam. They are really helpful.
One thing I really appreciate is the friendly welcoming attitude of the whole eAmbalam team. Ushaakka has been very prompt with replying to my mails. I did not have to ring up a hundred times, instead she used to call me. Naveen Anna, who was handling my technical issues initially also was very friendly and welcoming. Even Keshav Anna who handled my technical orientation helped me understand each feature very well. KUDOS! :)
Puja Unni
The course contents are good and useful. The design and structure of the course has been very well conceived. Inclusion of self learning Videos, Audio and PDF downloads solidifies learning . The assignments are very useful, with an easy to understand structure. Overall this is a good online tool and can become a great mode of education.
Easwary, Student – Foundation Course in Bhedhas&Hasthamudhras
The presentation was methodical by Vijna, the dance faculty while she explained the scope and extent of the course the very comprehensive way. Keshav was able to guide through the technical requirements and the portal in a very systematic approach both friendly and helpful.
Indu , Student – Foundation Course in Bhedhas&Hasthamudhras
image   Indira Akka has always pushed me to do my best in all areas in dance. Her amazing attention to detail and complete focus on your performance during each class is remarkable. She gives you her full attention and the patience to help you perfect each movement.
This is very rare to find such a teacher. I am very blessed to have such care and guidance. Through all the hard work she is able to share the joy and beauty of the art form and the meanings of the songs, thus making each class rewarding both physically and mentally. It is truly a remarkable experience being in Akkas class.
AnapayiniJakupko (Director and Teacher at Bhakti Kalalayam Florida USA).
image   She has oodles of warmth, affection and caring attitude to one and all. My association with her has taught me great values be it in dance or to grow individually. The aura she carries around makes the whole place very divine and memorable.
Padmini S Upadhya (Bangalore)
image   By making us work on new ideas or stylization, she would coach us to think deeply and improvise. Her classes have always been invaluable for me. Through the years I have come to know akka as a good friend. A very warm and fun loving person with an open mind who is eager to help her friends and build lasting friendship
with her students.
KomalaKumariMayshark (USA)
image   Reflecting on my dance process I recognize that you have been a vital role in my dance journey and you will continue to be forever. You were my first guru to take me seriously and lead me through to this day. I have so much admiration and respect for you, and I feel extremely lucky to have been your
student, having one on one time with you. Your grace and strength in dance and life has inspired me to be determined and steady. It's with your love and wisdom that I have become whatever little I am. I never forget my days and the amount of knowledge I learnt when I was with you. I crave to back in your class room watching you dance. I remember sitting in the corner watching you practice, and being completely enamored with you and the way you moved.
There are many things that stood out to me that you taught me that I have not learnt from anyone else. You would always tell me to use dance as a form of worship, to make dance my Sadhana. To use dance as my prayer and my offering. I have never forgotten that and often reflect on it.
Akka, you have no idea how much you have influenced my dance and my life. I will be in debt to you for my time spent. It was irreplaceable and priceless. Thank you for your love and guidance.
Ganga Seth, Odissi Dancer, USA
image   Learning from Indira Akka has been an inspiring and uplifting experience. I feel like she teaches so much more than just the technique of the dance style. She has taught me how to develop the attitude of a dancer, how to give life to every movement, and most importantly, how to fall in love with dance.
Miho (Israel)
image   Ms. Leela Samson suggested me Indira Akka. Indira akka is a fantastic teacher. Every class i go i certainly discover a different aspect of abhinaya. Akka would concentrate even on a tiny nuance which would improvise the abhinaya so much. I feel very comfortable in her presence. I am proud to have a
teacher like Indira akka. " Akka you are an inspiration".
Aarthi Natarajan (Bombay)
image   Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan, who then told me to go to one of her student: Indira Kadambi. I had my debut performance I choose a Kshetrayyapadam. I thought it was maybe to difficult for me, but Akka said: "there's nothing easy in dance, everything can be more or less interesting it depends on how you do it" and she showed
me the first line of popular todivarnam "rupamujochi": I cried for the beauty and intensity of her expression. My program went on very well and all the public was so impressed by my abhinaya! Then I realized how her strict way of teaching was so useful!
LucreziaManiscotti (Italy)
image   Indira akka is a perfectionist. She would not let us go until that particular expression was expressed correctly. Just seeing her doing each expression, would give us the inspiration to strive for even more. It is very hard to get praise from akka, but when we do finally get the praise, we
know that we have done it well and the expression has been executed clearly!
Pooja Kumar (USA)
image   She's been more than a dance teacher for us. We had our tedious dance classes with a strict teacher and a joyful travel with a friendly buddy
Deepthi Krishna ( Bangalore)
image   I consider Indira akka be the most responsible and professional dance teacher that I have ever come across. She made each one of us feel important and respected by paying attention and correcting us individually, helping us to gradually build our techniques and got the best out of us. She possesses all the
traits of a good teacher (punctuality, experience, patience, creativity) and the most important one is that of an ability to inspire. Her classes were fun, hard, easy, and informative and complete.... All in all this great human being is truly inspirational."
Revathi .K (Bangalore)

Previous Training Centre

Ambalam, Centre for Performing Arts - ACPA, formerly, the Naadaanta Academy of Dance and Music (R) was a registered Trust set up in 1989 by T.V. Ramprasadh and Indira Kadambi.
In Malayalam, Ambalam means "Temple" and in Tamil, it means "Stage for performing arts"
ACPA conducted intensive training in Bharatanatyam, Carnatic vocal music, Mridangam and Yoga for both beginners and advanced students. It offered regular training sessions in music, dance & yoga for students throughout the year, short term intensive & customized courses for students from India & abroad and online training in vocal & Mrudhangam.

Faculty @ ACPA

Carnatic Vocal and Devotional music: T.V. Ramprasadh
Bharatanatyam: Indira Kadambi (www.indirakadambi.com).
Mridangam: Melakkaveri Balaji (senior performer and teacher of Mridangam).
Yoga: Shilpa Pandit (disciple of Guru Pattabhiram, who is the direct disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas).

ACPA Projects

The centre organized workshops and lec-dems by eminent artists in the performing arts field. It also conducted festivals called 'Parampara' featuring established artists and 'Arohana' featuring upcoming artists.